Pre-Order, Holly Guacamole!

With the Holidays around the corner and the festivities bringing all the Ethically Madejoy and as we know, all of the other mixed emotions. Not to mention the Grinch paying a visit to most of us in these merciful days! We decided that this is the perfect time to dive into the uncertain yet beautiful world of new possibilities. Live in the moment and present you with a fresh concept for Chic yet full of vitality feminism in the Slow Fashion World.

Suede Boots

Of course a presentation comes with a present! Our gratitude comes with $50 USD OFF in all the new shoe line, until our official collection launch in January. 

One of a Kind pieces that you'll love to wear. Shoes that are made for walking and garments that are meant for keeping. 

One thing stays the same here at Vera Voga, each piece is for the greater good. With your purchase your contribute directly to the artisans in Guatemala and the Ethically Made Movement around the world.

Always Handmade with Love, 

Handmade with Love

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