The Science of Happy.

For all the grumpy F*s out there, it's a fact. Happiness is a preventative health method and science can back you up on this one. 

Science of Happy

Of course changing the old ways isn't easy but really, should we wait a little longer and linger around anxiety attacks, PSTD, long-term stress, insomnia, fear? But hey, the physical illnesses due to these negative emotions are even better. From a heart attack, stroke or diabetes thrown into the equation, I'd consider looking into this 'Happiness' thing a little deeper. 

With a $21 million dollars donation from the Chinese Lee Kum Kee family, there is now an investigation centre at Harvard University, under the name of 'Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness'. So, yes we can conclude that the Science of Happiness is a big deal and should be taken into consideration in our daily lives. Perhaps as much as we care about vitamins intake.

The centre’s co-director, Kubzansky said that “To prove to skeptics that positive psychological wellbeing is truly causally contributing to improved physical health—that’s our number one goal,” Another big priority is communication, so that the center's findings move beyond the confines of academic journals and help governments set policies that will ward off large-scale health issues. According to an article published by Vogue's senior editor Lauren Mechling. 

More about Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness:

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