Shopping wisely is like eating mindfully.

Avoid the midnight munchies of Fast Fashion. 

“Resist the mantra of speed that violently leads to losing oneself. Resist the illusion of something new at any cost.”- Alessandro Michele, Gucci's creative director, stated in his notes from last Fashion show in Milan.

Slow Fashion Blog

We know the feeling. The hopes of a fresh start; that new piece that will complete your wardrobe, albeit the guilt of knowing the thrill will be gone soon after a wear or two.

Sustainable LivingA really good pair of shoes, is worth 20 nice-to-have-but unnecessary tops. A good pair of shoes may last years and will still give you that fresh electrifying feel when wearing them again & again.

Mindful, careful consumption is a way to lead a more sustainable living. Celebrate the craftsmanship. In combination with Slow Fashion, find an ethical twist in the shopping sphere.  

Mindful Shopping

 A way to look into cutting down on Fast Fashion, is like laying back from boredom snacking around the house. Consider other options, such as vintage.

Buy because you need it, instead of an impulse. Can you mix it with at least 3 other items in your closet? Will it last a season or two?

Not shopping is now compared to cutting out on gluten. However, the truth is, gluten is nice every once in a while but just be mindful about it. Make sure your decision is right for you and let that joyful feeling of reward fill you up once you make up your mind about it.



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